Introverts have the same probability of living content lives as do their extroverted peers. For some, introversion is a strength that can lead to great success. However, if you are an introvert that tries to cram yourself into an extroverted place, the incongruence can lead to negative feelings such as anxiety and even depression. Therefore, understanding how introversion can work for you can help you live a content life either as an introvert or with an introvert.

Carl Jung described both types of personality as different psychic energies. One focuses on internal energies and the other focuses on the outside world. Because extroverts draw energy from the outside, they interact with it more. Introverts, on the other hand, draw this energy from an internal source, yet may still interact with others without a problem. It is important to know that there is a difference between being shy, socially anxious, and introverted. Introverts will often be more calculated in their approach to a social setting.

In general, the world tends to respond better to extroverts. Much like Susan Cain discusses in her TED Talk video on introverts, introverts are often pushed into conforming more to an extroverted world. To extroverts, introverts can appear self-absorbed, shy, and even stuck up. The truth is that they are measured, controlled, and well-thought in their approaches to outside situations. Thus, extroverts can benefit from befriending an introverted person, because you can assume that the information that they are presenting is better thought through. They aren’t going to likely say much that they don’t mean.

It is also beneficial for introverts to step outside of their comfort zones as well. Practicing types of social interaction, like small talk, can help introverts reach out to their extroverted counterparts. This increases the opportunity to appear more open, so that people get the chance to learn all that this person has to offer. Rather than resenting that introversion can appear as disinterested, showing interest in people can open a door that otherwise would seem to be closed off.


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