Sex Addiction Groups: How Do They Help With Recovery?

Sex Addiction Groups: How Do They Help With Recovery?

Sex addiction is notably isolating for those that suffer from it. This is exactly the reason that we offer groups to help with sex and pornography addictions.

Not only does sex addiction often spring from debilitating childhood traumas, but it also has a negative impact on day to day life.

These effects encourage many sufferers to close themselves off entirely and deter them from seeking help.

Recovering from any addictions requires a variety of therapeutic tools. A combination of individual counseling, recovery practices, and group therapy leads to better support during recovery.

For sex addicts, group therapy is an especially essential step for successful recovery. This is because group therapies work to resolve the feelings of isolation and alienation that sex addiction produces.

Is Group Therapy Right for You?

If you are suffering from a sex addiction, you may be riddled with guilt and shame. Addicts who participate in extra-marital affairs, prostitution or excessive porn consumption, often feel a disconnect in their relationships.

This loss of trust in your relationships only further encourages hiding. Group therapy provides several benefits to combat the effects of these feelings on your social life, self-confidence, and overall recovery progress.

You experience meaningful connection

The most beneficial aspect of group therapy is the companionship they provide. Other people in your family or circle of friends may not understand your addiction, but the members of your therapy group will. Having a support system that shares in your unique struggles will help you feel connected rather than isolated by your addiction.

Group therapy encourages communication

Many of us are not equipped with the ability or too embarrassed to talk about our struggles. However, communication is a crucial step towards any healing goals because it can help you to understand better and process your emotions and actions.

In group therapy, you are encouraged to share your story, and provide support to others. This active effort of communicating will propel your recovery process further and faster than tackling the addiction on your own.

You gain additional tools to assist in your recovery

Successful recovery requires a toolbox of practices and mantras to employ throughout your day and during moments of weakness. Though you may already have a few tricks present in your arsenal, other members of your group can add to it with additional advice.

Group therapy keeps you accountable

You might visit individual therapy on a consistent basis and think that is enough. However, if you feel like you need further accountability, group therapy is another vital practice.

The safe space created in group therapy sessions provides a platform for encouragement but also for evaluating progress. Members who see you begin to slip into bad habits will bring attention to them.

Unlike others in your life that may seem judgmental of your mess-ups, the members of your group therapy know the struggles and have probably experienced hiccups of their own during their recovery. Held accountable by those that you feel safe around will keep you on the right track towards health and happiness.

There are many aspects of the recovery process when it comes to sex addiction. You will need to develop individual practices, work one-on-one with a professional, and build a support system.

In addition to the helpful advice and reinforcement received in group therapy, you get to experience feelings of service, knowing you are helping another overcome their addiction.

It is important to remember with any form of therapy, to give yourself time to adjust. You will be stepping into a new environment and state of vulnerability that can, at first, feel uncomfortable. Yet, although the new experience may feel intimidating, the overall benefits of group therapy will reveal themselves in time with continued patience and diligence.


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