Erectile Dysfunction…How Sex Therapy Can Help

For men who are dealing with erectile dysfunction, there can be a great deal of anxiety, anger, and shame. It also can create serious problems in your relationship. The good news is that there is hope. Sex therapy can help so that you can overcome this problem, and have the kind of sexual experience that you want to have. The following includes a few ways that sex therapy can help with this problem.

1. Anxiety and Shame Reduction

Erectile dysfunction can make sex extremely shameful. Thus, there can also be a great deal of anxiety about stepping into a sexual arena. This anxiety and shame then can make maintaining an erection even more difficult to get and maintain. Sex therapy can help you reduce and manage this anxiety, so that you don’t have to fear sex. By combining mindfulness techniques with techniques that help you explore your sexuality, you’re more likely be able to maintain an erection and enjoy your sexual relationship with your partner.

2. Identifying Problematic Sexual Patterns

Sometimes the best remedy for erectile dysfunction is identifying problematic sexual behaviors. Many times there is a lack of recognition that a behavior could be causing a problem. An example of this is frequent pornography use and/or masturbation. The body and mind can get accustomed to using pornography as an arousal tool. This can be a problem when the mind isn’t stimulated by real sex. Problems with erections can also occur as an effect of frequent masturbation, and the body getting overly used to personal sexual arousal. This is not the only problem that can lead to sexual dysfunction. Sex therapy can help you identify such problems, so that you can create a plan to overcome it.

3. Comfort With Intimacy

Erectile dysfunction can be related to a lack of comfort with physical or even emotional intimacy. Sex therapy can help help you increase your comfort with intimacy by identifying the emotion you experience with it and slowly changing this. You can identify thoughts that lead to this discomfort and create arguments for such thoughts. You can also work on changing your feeling state by paying attention to your body in a way that you had not prior to therapy.

4. Understanding the Problem

Sometimes erectile dysfunction has a background to it that is not well understood. Sex therapy can help you gain more understanding of the origins of these problems. The actual erectile dysfunction could be a symptom of a cause. By gaining an increased understanding of your sexual story, you are much more likely to overcome this problem, and prevent other sexual issues from arising.

Erectile issues can create a barrier in relationships that can be frustrating, anxiety-provoking, and shameful. For those who struggle with this, sex therapy is a good option to help with the symptom of erectile dysfunction, as well as the cause. With the support of a sex therapist, you’ll be better able to let go of the negative emotions that you have relating to this sexual problem.  You’ll also be much more likely to have sex in a way that is pleasurable and enjoyable.


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