Sexuality Issues for Women

Women often deal with issues regarding sexual satisfaction, pleasure, and desire. There are many sexual issues that men commonly seek out help for. Sex therapy can be helpful for such sexual issues. This article discusses these issues in depth.

Problems With Orgasm

Women are often expected to reach orgasm via intercourse. The truth is that many don’t get to orgasm with intercourse at all. Combine this with social pressures that tell women that understanding their own bodies is shameful. Sex therapy can help women identify these personal sexual stories. The sex therapy process can also help them become more comfortable with their sexual selves. This can help with self-growth, but can also help to facilitate relationship communication as well.

Pain With Sex

Pain is not a natural part of sex. For some women, the pain can be so unbearable that it can make intercourse impossible. This can create serious problems in the relationship of these women. Sex therapy can help with conditions such as vaginismus. Most women who seek out help for painful sex are able to have sex pain-free.

Discussing Sexual Desires

For many relationships, the sexual focus is on male pleasure. This is fine for those relationships where this works. However, there are relationships where this dynamic doesn’t work, or stops working. Sex therapy can help women amplify their voice about their sexual desire. By facilitating communication, women are able to enhance their comfort in their sexual desires, and discuss these more openly with their partners.

Low Sexual Desire

Many women struggle with sexual desire in their relationships. Sex therapy can help women identify the causes of this low level of desire. Through discussing these issues in an open environment, these women are able to develop plans to increase their sexual desire.

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