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Are You Getting An Objective Substance Abuse Evaluation?

Making a decision on who you want to conduct your substance abuse or DWI evaluation is a crucial one to make. If you are getting this evaluation to meet the requirements asked of by your attorney or the legal requirements of the court, you’re likely suspicious that […]


Disarming Misery

When I’m working with clients who are dealing with serious depressive issues, the hopelessness that they experience can wreak havoc in their lives. Many times these clients forget that they have options. They become lost in “all-or-nothing” thinking, which perpetuates their negative mood. If you are someone […]


Picking The Scab Off An Emotional Wound

Many times after an extremely emotionally negative event, we will put the thoughts about the event on the back burner. Sometimes we will forget about the event altogether for an extended period of time. Although it seems that having forgotten these feelings for is not harmful, it […]


Notice the Unappreciated

We live fast-paced lives. We work demanding jobs, which we have to balance with our relationships and hobbies outside of work. Do you give yourself time each day to do nothing at all? Taking time to appreciate idle times is an underestimated skill. However if you learn […]


Identifying and Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

This week is National Anxiety and Depression awareness week. When we think of anxiety and depression, we tend to think of the most debilitating and extreme cases of these feelings. The truth is that these feelings impact thousands more on a daily basis. Many of these people […]


If Only…

While striving for contentment, people often will say that “if only things were different” they would be happier. When saying this, they likely are assuming that things would being better if they had more money, if they had a different job, if they lived somewhere else, or […]


Dealing With Passive-Aggressive Behavior

All of us have people in our lives who we wish we did not have to deal with. Sometimes these are co-workers or even our supervisors. Sometimes they might even be family members or friends of our friends. No matter who they are or what it is […]


The Power of the Group

One of the biggest mistakes people make early on in their recovery is underestimating the power of the group. Our culture is one that values personal independence and free will. This often leads us to overestimate our ability to handle a change in our lives even when […]


Inspiration From Within

When working with clients who have had a traumatic or undesirable past where they were victims of others, I have noticed that many of them will use anger as their primary motivator to reaching their goals. Some of them put a great deal of importance into being […]


Not Everything in Moderation

A more modern and controversial viewpoint on substance abuse and addiction is moderation management. As a therapist and counselor, I have been asked about my viewpoint on this very topic. I hope this article can help to provide a well-rounded perspective on a controversial topic, and provide […]

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