Sexual Addiction Information

It can feel impossible to know what to do when dealing with a sexual addiction. This is true for both addicts and partners of sex addicts. The information on this page can help you take steps towards recovery, healing, and reconnection.

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Our Expert Sexual Addiction Advice

Get help kick-starting your recovery, finding forgiveness, and improving of your relationship with your partner and with yourself.

What is Sex Addiction?

what is sex addiciton

Sex addiction is a very real problem that could best be described as out of control sexual behavior, and people who face this issue are subject to a wide variety of social and health problems. However, this mentality can be overcome so that you and your loved ones can live together in a healthy relationship.

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Help for Sexual Addiction

Overcoming sex addiction is a major step in every addict’s life, but this process is not easy. There is a lot of turmoil, embarrassment, and temptation that goes into this journey towards salvation, but success is available for everyone who seeks it.

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Treatment for Sex Addiction

treatment for sex addictionSex addiction is a strenuous battle to overcome, which is why the potential to relapse is relatively high. However, successful treatment for sexual addiction includes finding approaches that are fitting for the person’s needs. Click here to find how treatment can positively affect your life, and which options are suitable for you.

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Info for Partners of Sex Addiction

information for partners of sex addiciton

Sex addiction is not only strenuous for the addict themselves, but for the people in close contact with them as well. Specifically, spouses and partners may feel the extra strain when it comes to facing the insecurities and hardships of sex addiction, but luckily there is help in overcoming these issues together.

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Types of Sex Addiction Therapy

5 types of sex addiction therapy

Though it may not seem so detrimental, sex addiction can physically, mentally, and emotionally harm the addict on a deep level. Therefore, options for treatment are available and encouraged. Since no person is the same, their therapeutic needs will differ as well, which is why there are five types of sex addiction therapy available.

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How Sex Addiction Effects Your Partner

how sex addiction can effect your partner

Sex addiction is a serious dilemma for the addict themselves, but it may also be a serious trauma for the partner or spouse involved as well. Thankfully we have resources on what to expect as well as how to overcome it.

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10 Sex Addiction  Symptoms to Expect

Sex addiction is just as serious as any other substance abuse; however, its withdrawal symptoms are unique and may vary from person to person. We have the top 10 most common to be aware of, here.

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